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March 05, 2021  |  Unistaff

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Team Unistaff believes that you can attain whatever you work hard for. And you can be whatever you choose to become. All you need to do is start right where you are, right now! There’s no need to wait for a new year to make a list of resolutions. Once you decide to take action, even the smallest steps will get things going. And with the help and guidance of the right people, you will progress even more. That’s what we’re here for -- Team Unistaff is committed to supporting you and helping you achieve your work abroad goals!


With 2020 being an unprecedented challenge for everyone, let’s carry on with an uplifting outlook for 2021. Here are just some of the brightest opportunities for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) this year:


1 - Time to make a plan

Having the goal of working abroad shows that you want to improve your life. You have hope that the future can be better for your family. But deciding on a goal is only half the battle. You need clear steps on how to get there. Now is the best time to carve out a solid plan. So that you can give yourself a sense of direction. Better still, this gives you a chance to prepare yourself for the effort required. Always remember the 7Ps: “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Pitifully Poor Performance.”

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2 - Seek out job openings

Imagine that you have already achieved your goal. What kind of job are you doing? Where are you located? Find the job openings that match your vision. If you’re dreaming of working in the United States, research on which hospitals are recruiting and gain knowledge about all the possible options for you right now. By identifying more specifically what you are looking for, you’ll waste no time on opportunities that don’t quite fit. You’ll have more energy to focus on getting that job you really want.

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3 - Gain more work experience 

International employers have specific work experience requirements. Review what they need in comparison to where you stand. You may benefit from applying to companies locally. Not only will you gain relevant work experience, but you will also contribute your time and expertise towards the profession that you enjoy practicing. Putting in the time and effort now will certainly help boost your career.

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4 - Build up skills and overall wellness

In addition to updating your professional skills to keep up with your industry’s advancements, you need to look after your entire well-being. Beyond the qualifications and diplomas, which are important, how is your physical, emotional and mental health? Are you nurturing your creativity and deepening your social bonds? Have you had a chance to be in nature or your place of worship to maintain your spirituality? By investing in yourself, you gain the capacity to show up fully in all the aspects of your life. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People reminds us to ‘sharpen the saw,’ in other words:

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5 - Talk to experts

One of the best ways to get closer to the life you want to have is to talk with those who are successfully living it. Reaching out to qualified experts who have helped others achieve what you’re working towards is also extremely valuable. They can give you access to updated and verified information. They can also introduce you to other professionals whom they have successfully assisted in the past. This is a great way to ensure that you’re on the right track towards your goals. And get help on areas you still need to improve on.

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6 - Be part of a supportive community 

While the journey might be tough, you don’t have to go through it alone. Realize that you are standing upon the shoulders of the many Filipinos who have come before you. And there are many more like you who aspire to follow in their footsteps. Why not join a community of like-minded individuals who share the same goals? It is not a competition. There’s an abundance of opportunity for all. By helping each other and working with experts, you’ll definitely go far.

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7 - Establish a productivity routine 

To help yourself gain small wins along the way, set a routine or ritual. This can boost your self-confidence and help you become even more productive. It can include setting aside exact times in the morning and evening to review your tasks and progress. Or something as simple as doing a set of movements or exercises at the same time each day. Even walking during your lunch break to help clear your mind. Marking successes with a celebratory meal with loved ones is another motivator. Whatever it might be, consistency is key.



8 - Exercise compassion and kindness

Don’t let your goals give you tunnel vision. Recognize how fortunate you are and reach out to others in need. While your time, energy and resources are limited, there are ways to offer what you can. You may not have the capacity to become as involved as you would like, whether it is in your community or in a cause that you believe in. And that’s alright. Hope springs from even the smallest acts of kindness. When you find yourself on the brink of impatience or anger, you can choose to act with compassion instead. And that will make all the difference.

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9 - Learn how to deal with “No” 

Rejection is an inevitable part of life. How we choose to move forward from each “No” we receive is what matters. Learn as much as you can about every negative experience. What went wrong? What was missing? What would have been even better? How can you prepare for next time? What will you do differently? Take courage! Every failure is a stepping stone to your future success. Don’t hold a grudge or feel bitter. You can choose to see things as falling apart, or simply falling into place. 

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10 - Build your resilience 

There’s no doubt that fatigue will set in at some point during your journey. The list of requirements is long, the processes can be confusing and much will be expected of you. No matter how overwhelmingly difficult things may get, never give up. Always remind yourself of your ‘why’ -- the reason for all your effort and the sacrifices you’re willing to make. Stick to the plan and adapt along the way, no matter the obstacles or distractions. This is where a supportive community can benefit you. Seek help, ask questions and keep moving forward.

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Will 2021 be your best year thus far?

We can choose how our challenges shape us. Are you feeling desperate and distressed? Or are you motivated and ready for better things ahead? We hope that these opportunities spark hope in you. And that they fuel your determination to succeed. Where your focus goes, your energy flows! If you have any questions, we are here to support you! Curious about what it takes to secure your dream job abroad? Contact Stef at stefan@unistaff.us.


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