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October 21, 2020  |  Unistaff

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The United States Candidate Development Program (USCDP) online orientation was designed especially for aspiring US Registered Nurses like you. In one session you will gain a better understanding of the US application process. It covers the initial steps to apply, the tests required, tips on securing the best opportunities and even the more complex immigration processes. You will learn about the different deployment options and get a glimpse of the onboarding once you’ve successfully made it to the US. 


The global COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown has resulted in the largest work from home experiment. We had no idea it would last this long, and clearly it’s not over yet. The need to ensure public health and safety has made it absolutely essential to move everything we do online. And that includes online learning. With everyone stuck at home, schools, universities, various institutions, and companies have adapted to the remote way of getting things done online. Whether it is providing a service or delivering information and physical goods, it’s all facilitated online.

As an agency, we at Universal Staffing (UNISTAFF) strive to continue providing assistance and helpful information despite the ongoing health crisis. The opportunities for overseas work are still growing. And people haven’t stopped dreaming of migrating to work abroad. Thus, we will continue to deliver the services needed to match qualified candidates with their future job roles, one way or another. 

The Transition to Online 

USCDP Orientation Sample Classes

In our decades of industry experience, we have found orientations to be an excellent venue to convey important information with regards to working overseas and all the processes required to get there. In the past, we used to conduct several in-person events at our offices as well as tours to different cities in the Philippines to meet aspiring candidates and speak about the latest career opportunities in the USA

Since it is not safe right now to venture out or gather in large groups, we adapted in response to dynamic circumstances and have moved all our orientations online. This gives tremendous flexibility for attendees and opens up a more convenient way to attend sessions. Anyone, anywhere in the word can join without any hassles, delays or risk of exposure to sickness. 

Despite the lockdown constraints, access to the updated and correct information is at your fingertips. Wherever you are located in the world, all you need is your mobile phone or computer and a decent Internet connection and you’re all set to join the orientation!

USCDP Online orientation zoom class


What’s in it for you?

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If you are planning to live and work in the US as a Registered Nurse, the USCDP online orientation is definitely a step in the right direction. Consider it as the foundation upon which your US career will be built. The knowledge you will gain from the orientation itself as well as the latest news and information you’ll receive when you subscribe to email updates will increase your chances of making your dream US career a reality!

The USCDP online orientation offers an interactive way to explore your options and opportunities. You’ll meet our dedicated team who will walk you through several topics including, but not limited to:

  • information about your future US employer

  • minimum qualifications needed to secure a job offer

  • present job vacancies

  • potential salary

  • detailed steps to migrating as a nurse in the USA

  • how USCDP exclusive partnerships could help ease the financial burden of the required tests

  • any questions, doubts or concerns you might have - just ask!

We also conduct specific Masterclasses where you could meet our valued partners. And they will share tips on how to handle the required tests or licensing processes. 

8 Things You Will Learn at the USCDP Online Orientation


How to Book an Orientation Date

how to book for an orientation date

Go to our Facebook and Instagram pages, to find weekly advisories on our orientation schedules. All you need to do is click on the link and book a schedule that’s most convenient for you. Once you have successfully registered for an orientation session, you will receive a confirmation email with details:

  • time

  • date

  • zoom link with password

  • registration details

After completing the USCDP orientation, you will automatically become a USCDP Member and be able to enjoy the advantages and benefits of being part of the program. 


What are the USCDP membership benefits?


  1. Nurses get their own digital USCDP cards with their corresponding unique applicant codes. USCDP membership cards

Membership Cards are based on compliance

  • USCDP Black – Signed offer with Employer

  • USCDP Platinum – Completed IELTS and NCLEX

  • USCDP Gold – Completed either NCLEX or IELTS

  • USCDP Silver – No test completed yet


  1. These USCDP cards can be presented to our License Processing Partners or our Review Center partners to avail of members-only discounts applicable to required NCLEX and IELTS reviews and requirements. (Top tip: our USCDP discounts are huge!)

USCDP partners



3. USCDP Membership Care Package:

USCDP membership packages


The Membership Care Package includes:

  • Information about our Review Center Partners and International License Processing Partners
  • All the discounts available from our partners
  • Local Hospital Hiring Advisory, and our point persons’ contact details
  • Detailed Steps to your USRN Journey
  • Helpful Links and tips for your USRN compliance
  • USRN Frequently Asked Questions
  • Step by step guidelines for your Immigrant Visa Interview (USCDP Black Only)
  • Departure Procedure (USCDP Black Only)
  • Special Promos
  • Events advisory
  • New Programs advisory


Attend a USCDP Masterclass for FREE!

USCDP Masterclasses

USCDP offers online masterclasses featuring our IELTS and NCLEX review center partners and NCLEX License Processing partners at least twice a month. IELTS Masterclass and NCLEX Masterclass, hosted by the Universal Staffing team and a representative from a review center or license processing partner will share valuable insights on:

  • processes involved

  • documents needed

  • test types

  • passing scores

  • tips and guidance on how to pass your exam

You’re not just learning, you will also get amazing prizes such as big discounts offered by our generous partners to support your exam review expense.

Join the USCDP Online Orientation and become a USCDP Member! Take the first step to building your US career with us!


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