A Father – A Title Built Through His Drive and Sacrifice Regardless of His Journey’s Witnesses [TESTIMONIAL]

June 15, 2019  |  Unistaff


We cannot deny that sometimes one becomes a true father through the things he undertakes and does even if he’s away from his family. This is true for many. And it is disheartening that still, some are seen as less deserving of the title “Father” for the time he spends away from his family even if the purpose of him being away is completely for them.


Today, we would like to greet the fathers and those who stood in as fathers all over the world this Father’s Day. We celebrate your triumphs and your continuous sacrifices.


“The quality of a father can be seen in the goals, dreams and aspirations he sets not only for himself, but for his family.”

―Reed Markham


We at Unistaff are witnesses to the great leaps and challenges you fathers take on for the sake of your families and loved ones as we have encountered countless fathers that have shouldered the burden of going into unfamiliar grounds to be the guiding light of their families.



A perfect example of this is Mr. Edwin Cabahug, a now US Nurse Practitioner we deployed as a USRN more than 20 years ago under our previous company name. Aside from becoming one of our dear applicants-turned dearest friend, he is a living testament of someone who never gave up even if life gave him the hardest of challenges.


Just like many of us, Mr. Cabahug had hopes and dreams for himself and his family to hopefully give a better life for everyone he loves.


He gradually saw that the road to his dreams was not an easy one. However, his sheer drive towards his goals got him through adversities as he explains in his testimonial below:



“I came from a big family with humble beginnings and like every Filipino, I dreamt of getting a job that would somehow improve our living, send my siblings to well-reputed schools and get my parents to quit their jobs and just relax. So I took up nursing and graduated in 1992, passed the licensure exam and started working as registered nurse however after 3 years, I realized it’s about time to move on to greener pastures. Fulfill my American dream.


Everything happened so fast, I found a recruiter to help me get to America, had to sell my patrimony and shell out large sum of money to cover my expenses. In December of 1996 finally, I’m in America! All the hard work has finally paid off! - or so I thought!  At the immigration I was put on hold as my documents are incomplete, was detained for a few hours and just waiting for my flight back to the Philippines. Yes, I got deported, all my dreams got down the drain and me losing my faith in myself. I was a victim of a fake recruiter.


Not knowing how or where to start, I stumble upon Universal Staffing Agency (known as Phil-Muslim that time) in 1997. I still haven’t recovered from my experience with my previous agency, I must admit I’m hesitant to take the chance again. But all the doubts were replaced with trust and dismay became hope when I met Madame Yolanda De Castro and her staff. They are accommodating and I felt their sincerity right from the start. They got me a very good employer in UAE, the General Directorate Police Abu Dhabi and was able to work there for 8 years! They brought back the faith I once lost and helped me get back to myself again. I was able to bring relatives and friends to work here through Universal Staffing. I trust this agency! And the truth is they put their trust on me first and so I made it to where I am now. They’ve never let me down, always there to guide me every step of the way.


I eventually migrated here in America and worked as ER Traveler Nurse for 11 years then decided to go back to school for further education. And just over a year ago, got a degree from Charles Drew University in Los Angeles California, Master of Science in Nursing and Family Nurse Practitioner Board Certified. I am currently working as a Nurse Practitioner in Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine seeing number of patients a day. I must say this is a tough job but knowing how I contributed to each of my patient’s wellness is beyond fulfilling.



I encourage everyone especially my fellow nurses who’s aspiring to work in any other countries to consult Universal Staffing for big opportunities and service you can trust.  Overall, just believe in yourself that you can! Dream big, work hard, stay focused and surround yourself with good people. Universal Staffing got the latter for you! God bless!”


- Edwin Cabahug - MSN, RNP-C





Failures had to happen before he learned to rise up and power through all the struggles. He had to experience and absorb many learnings before he became what he is now.


Most importantly, he never lost sight of his true purpose and his drive towards his goals for himself and his family who, in turn, never gave up on him along the way. This is a huge factor for him achieving all his success today.


He is a modern day hero that we in Unistaff look up to as a father and as a shining example of a driven Filipino Professional.


We hope that Mr. Cabahug’s story inspires all the fathers who are currently struggling, and those who are trying to decide whether it’s worth the leap of faith going elsewhere to seek new opportunities in order to provide for their families.


Also, just last week, he became a father to yet another child and blessing from God!!! Our hearts are jumping because of how cute his baby is!



“Congratulations to you and your wife for yet another additional bundle of happiness and God’s gift to your family as you welcome another child into the earth just last week. I am a witness to your journey from the beginning, and I am personally very proud of you. What you have become as a father and as a professional nurse will hopefully inspire thousands if not, millions out there in their hopes to reach their dreams just like you.

More power, more success and keep up the good work.

My best wishes to you and your family.”


- Yolanda De Castro

President of Universal Staffing Services Inc.


Thank you, Mr. Cabahug for sending us your testimonial and celebrating the life of your newborn with us. Happy Father’s day! Your Unistaff family wishes you all the best.


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Contents of this article were derived from Mr. Cabahug's testimonial submitted to our Unistaff team.


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