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February 17, 2021  |  Unistaff

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2020 has been an incredibly tough year for everyone. No matter where you are in the world, “normal” life as you’ve known it has changed forever. Natural disasters relentlessly battered different parts of the world as the global pandemic raged on. 


January 2021 has quickly come and gone. Can you believe it? Here we are, constantly trying our best to make it through this “new normal.” Events are complex, dynamic and unpredictable. For this reason, we take things one day at a time. 

We at Team Unistaff have discovered that while troubles can seem overwhelming, we can rely on each other for support. We made a collaborative effort to change the way we work. We strengthened our capabilities and found a way to continue working with our partners and serving our fellow Filipinos remotely. Through lockdowns and everything else, we never wavered on our commitment to help as many Filipinos as possible to achieve their dreams of working abroad. 

After taking some time to reflect on the many things that 2020 has taught us, we’d like to share with you these 10 lessons we have learned.


1 - Adversity reveals our true nature

Adversity does not necessarily change us. All it does is expose who we really are. The essence of our true selves gets amplified in times of crisis or uncomfortable situations. Those who have always treated others with kindness have opened their hearts and shared even more. While those who look after their personal interests cared even less about what other people are going through. Why do you think some people went panic-buying for toilet paper, hand sanitizers and face masks? And how is it that some people found ways to mobilize their communities to offer support to our frontline medical heroes?





2 - The little things matter a lot

“I’m busy,” how many times have we said this to describe how we are doing? Our work and social calendars seem to be always full, and our To Do List, never ending. We are so busy that we barely have time to notice the little things that make our lives. Whether it’s the usual rush in the morning at home, as everyone gets ready and goes out the door. Or brief moments we spend to chat with our favorite vendor when we get lunch. We need to remind ourselves to notice the small things and appreciate them for adding color to our lives.

Reminiscing about #TeamUnistaff lunches

Reminiscing about #TeamUnistaff lunches together before the pandemic - here’s a photo of us celebrating birthdays!


3 - Take stock of what is truly important

When we take time to value the little things in life, we also realize who and what matters to us the most. Everyone had to limit their movements and stay at home. We needed to be more careful about whom we interacted with. This made our social circles very small and forced us to keep up only activities that we have deemed to be essential. What does that say about all the so-called “friends” we chose not to keep in contact with? And those seemingly urgent meetings, important events or dinners that we did not have to attend anymore? It’s only by losing something that you can determine how much you value it. Those which we missed the most, we learned to treasure them even more. 


We definitely miss being able to work with #TeamUnistaff at the office in person! Virtual meet-ups only for now.


4 - Time well spent, not wasted

Our team went through the process of adapting to remote work. All together we rode the struggle bus to try new things and eventually establish systems that suit us, given the challenges of remote work. We felt that conflicting sense of having much more to do despite a lack of activity. It was as though time moved so quickly. A month had gone by but felt like it had only been a week. We accepted that while we can’t do everything, we can do some things and do them well. We managed to conduct 150 virtual orientations for nurses in 2020. We continued to work with our partners and conducted 60 Masterclass Sessions. These efforts enabled thousands of aspiring OFWs to learn more about their options for working in the US.  


USCDP orientation group photo

#TeamUnistaff and the enthusiastic nurses participating in the USCDP virtual orientation


5 - Spend money wisely

How many times have we heard this advice? Well now it has become even more necessary. Being careful and highly aware of how much we spend and on what is crucial. We don’t want to find ourselves suddenly unable to pay for an emergency expense. Making it a point to set aside some savings for unforeseen events is extremely important. If that means we sacrifice on satisfying our short-term wants, it will give us security in the long-term. During challenging times there are opportunities. Maybe it’s time to get creative and find new ways to earn extra income, instead of binge-shopping on the next sale?




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6 - This too shall pass

To say that 2020 was a rollercoaster of a year is an understatement. The year when humanity was at the mercy of an invisible enemy. It is a year that we certainly won’t ever forget. Events unfolded and evolved so quickly, we pushed through the bad days and celebrated the good days whenever we could. We learned to take the good with the bad. This changed how we see hardships. Choose to learn from each experience. Things happen and they are not meant to last forever. Even our triumphs and joys are not permanent. Savor each moment for what it is. Be aware that the next challenge or victory may just be around the corner.


7 - We’re stronger than we think 

There’s absolutely no doubt that challenges and failure help us grow. But it can be very hard to recognize our own strengths while in the midst of unprecedented times. And it is even harder to cope when we feel isolated from our friends, loved ones and those we turn to for support. Even so, 2020 has proven that giving up is not an option. We can, and we must always find a way to make it through. Overcoming our self-imposed limits is the first step. These words from an esteemed German educator is a great reminder:

"There is more in us than we know. If we can be made to see it, perhaps, for the rest of our lives, we will be unwilling to settle for less." - Kurt Hahn 


Unistaff US partners

While most employers have paused recruitment due to travel bans, #TeamUnistaff continued to work with partners to complete their US applications during a pandemic. 


8 - There is no better time than now 

Knowing that changes in life are like waves, we learned to ride them out and go with the flow. We can’t spend all our time making plans or weighing various consequences. We need to take action and adapt to circumstances along the way. Now is also the best time to be true to ourselves and live in alignment with our values. It means taking full responsibility for the life we choose to live. What are you waiting for?

Not even a pandemic can stop #TeamUnistaff from maintaining strong business relationships with companies that also prioritize the needs of others above theirs. 9.0 Niner is a trusted partner of Universal Staffing Services Inc.


9 - Take care of the self, to take care of others

It is famously said that, “You cannot pour from an empty cup.” That means, if we truly wish to be of service to others, we must take good care of ourselves. During the fastest and slowest year that was 2020, how much time have we devoted to practicing self-care? The pandemic has certainly taught us to prioritize health and hygiene. But we also need to nurture our souls. We need to be kind to ourselves. If we make time for complete rest and creative pursuits that make us happy, we will have more energy to extend compassion to those around us.

Unistaff donation

#TeamUnistaff prepared lunch boxes for nurses, doctors and medical staff at St. Clare Hospital early last year


10 - Be the change

2020 has proven that no matter the systems in place to support a country or a community, meaningful change comes from individuals, like us. We can’t always rely on someone else doing what needs to be done. And it is no use to assign blame onto others when things are falling apart. If we choose to direct our energy towards good things, our actions can help make things better. Whatever you aspire to become, seek out those who can help. Take one step, one challenge at a time, and you will eventually reach your goals. 

Unistaff masterclass

#TeamUnistaff fully prepared to help aspiring applicants learn more about US application requirements, NCLEX processing & reviews and IELTS reviews!


2021 is up to you!

We hope that these life lessons help serve as a reminder that success is not that far away. For us, we believe that you can start right where you are. The effort you put in will determine how far you go. And we are here to support you all the way! If you have any questions about opportunities to work abroad, or simply curious about the process involved, send a message to Stef anytime at stefan@unistaff.us.


Check out our upcoming virtual orientations and sign up to join. #TeamUnistaff members are looking forward to meeting you and are happy to review your CV. Apply now! 

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