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April 26, 2020  |  Unistaff

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If you’re a registered nurse, then you might be dreaming of moving to the US as one of your primary destinations to practice and progress in your career.


Know that you’re not alone. More and more people aspire to become a US Registered Nurse (USRN), just like you.


Many of these nurses, however, normally do not know enough about the proper steps in applying for a nursing opportunity in the US, and are currently looking for an organization or a program to help them throughout this long, complicated, but manageable process.

Another critical factor that might be on your mind is the challenge of having a large sum of money to cover the costs you’ll have to pay for in order to become a full-fledged USRN.


Don’t worry! We’re here to help break this process down to make everything simpler and easier for you to understand.



While moving to the USA as a nurse who received training from anywhere else in the world can be a lengthy process, it’s definitely possible and attainable. Filing an application for a U.S. working visa is a complex process in itself. The easiest way to obtain the proper visa to be able to work in USA as a nurse is to work directly with staffing agencies or immigration lawyers. They will help ensure that all laws are followed, which will guarantee success.

Getting proper guidance will be the key to navigating the multi-stage application process, and one program that can help you through this is the United States Candidate Development Program or USCDP.


What is the USCDP?


USCDP program photos


The United States Candidate Development Program or USCDP was created by Universal Staffing Services, Inc. (UNISTAFF) in November 2018 to help healthcare professionals gain a full understanding of the information they would need to make decisions about applying as a nurse in the US more effectively. UNISTAFF carefully designed the USCDP, informed by its more than 21 years of experience in servicing various clients in the healthcare industry, and with thousands of nurses already placed across the 50 states of America.


You can read more about the USCDP here.


The USCDP serves aspiring USRNs who need assistance and guidance towards achieving their US goal.

It is a membership program that aims to help and encourage candidates to pursue and fulfil their dream careers. The number of USCDP members is still rapidly increasing as we hold live and online orientations at least twice a month. And the number of nurses being offered jobs in the most prestigious hospitals in the USA is growing exponentially.


What are the benefits of becoming a USCDP member?


Aside from our members getting interviewed and receiving offers from our US employers when they successfully complete our pre-screening, members get a lot more from the program. The following are some of the benefits they receive:


  1. Nurses get their own digital USCDP cards with their corresponding unique applicant codes. 

USCDP membership cards

  • Membership Cards are based on compliance
    • USCDP Black – Signed offer with Employer
    • USCDP Platinum – Completed IELTS and NCLEX
    • USCDP Gold – Completed either NCLEX or IELTS
    • USCDP Silver – No test completed yet



  1. These USCDP cards can be presented to our License Processing Partners or our Review Center partners to avail of members-only discounts applicable to required NCLEX and IELTS reviews and requirements. (Top tip: our USCDP discounts are huge!)

USCDP partners


  1. USCDP Membership Care Package:

USCDP membership packages

  • The Membership Care Package include:
    • Information about our Review Center Partners and International License Processing Partners
    • All the discounts available from our partners
    • Local Hospital Hiring Advisory, and our point persons’ contact details
    • Detailed Steps to your USRN Journey
    • Helpful Links and tips for your USRN compliance
    • USRN Frequently Asked Questions
    • Step by step guidelines for your Immigrant Visa Interview (USCDP Black Only)
    • Departure Procedure (USCDP Black Only)
    • Special Promos
    • Events advisory
    • New Programs advisory


  1. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Our USCDP members will gain exclusive access to 100% guaranteed correct information and consultation with knowledgeable experts to help guide them through the USRN process.
USCDP orientation
Universal Staffing's Recruitment Manager for US department, Ms. Tina Mahinay conducting the USCDP Orientation


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How do I become a USCDP member?


Steps to become a USCDP member


What can I expect during the orientation?

Join us to gain valuable insights which include the following highlights:

USCDP Orientation highlights


We conduct these USCDP Orientations to help nurses like you become better informed about the possibilities that you may have overlooked while planning your big career move. You’ll be able to cover all the bases and leave all the hassles to us. We’ll take care of the process so that you can focus on reviewing for the different tests you’ll need to take. We’ll be here to guide you every step of the way.

Stay in touch with us! We encourage you to explore, engage and follow our social media channels to always get the latest updates. Future orientation schedules may be announced through our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.

We hope you’ve found this helpful! We look forward to seeing you in one of our future orientations, and onward to welcoming you as an official candidate to the ever growing community we have in the United States Candidate Development Program!


This will definitely get you one step closer to your American Dream!


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