Guide to finding employment in the U.S. for Nurses in 7 to 8 steps. [INFOGRAPHIC]

September 30, 2019  |  Unistaff

Modern times call for modern solutions and when it comes down to the wire, the USCDP is the closest thing to perfection when it comes to aiding Filipino RN’s achieving their career goals in the U.S.A., no matter where the nurse is present.


The ultimate goal of securing an employment abroad is never far away with the USCDP team guiding you each step of the way.


As we progress further in to the Age of Information a combination of simplicity, efficiency, accessibility and distribution of proper knowledge is a must, and this is something we at Unistaff take in to heavy consideration. This pushed us to design our program to fit the unique needs of all Filipino RNs looking for placement in the U.S.A., with virtually all resources reachable through most digital touchpoints.


  1. Attend the Live or Online orientation

- held bi-monthly

- get updates about our orientations by subscribing with us


  1. Once you have requested for reservation, you will be asked to submit a soft copy of your updated CV and a profile form.

-  Your updated CV and profile form will aid us in evaluating your CV and finding you a suitable employer for you as early as the first step.


  1.  The next step is attending the orientation.


- The USCDP orientation is fairly quick and will only last for about an hour, You will be oriented on:

- Steps To Nursing to America

- Salaries & Benefits available from our 6 employers

- Positions and specialties needed by our 6 employers

- The USCDP Membership Cards 

      1. USCDP Black
      2. USCDP Platinum
      3. USCDP Gold
      4. USCDP Silver

These USCDP cards can be presented to our License Processing Partners or our Review Center partners to avail of your discounts in the required NCLEX and IELTS reviews and requirements.

- Review Center Partners Include:

      1. 9.0 Niner Review Center (All branches) -
      2. Rachell Allen NCLEX Review -
      3. ACE IELTS Review Center and Language Services (All branches) -
      4. NCLEX Unlimited -
      5. JRooz IELTS Review Center Inc. -

- License Processing Partners Include:

      1. NEAC Medical Exams Application Center -
      2. IPass Processing -


  1. Receive your monthly USCDP Membership Care Packages:
      1. All the discounts available from our partners
      2. Local Hospital Hiring Advisory, and our point persons’ contact details
      3. Detailed Steps to your USRN Journey
      4. Helpful Links and tips for your USRN compliance
      5. USRN Frequently Asked Questions
      6. Step by step guidelines for your Immigrant Visa Interview (USCDP Black Only)
      7. Departure Procedure (USCDP Black Only)
      8. Special Promos
      9. Events advisory
      10. New Programs advisory


  1. Have access to free, correct, and knowledgeable consultation about the USRN Process. This is the product of 20+ years of working with multiple recognized US employers.


  1. If you qualify our prescreening stage, you will have a chance to get interviewed by one of our 6 employers through Skype!


  1. Upon job offer, you will get to enjoy all the benefits within their employment offer package

- Among the benefits that you may receive are

  • 401k/Retirement Plan (once eligibility requirements have been met)
  • Generous Vacation/Holiday/Accrued Paid Time Off (PTO) – up to 160 hours per year
  • FREE Filing of USCIS 1-140 Immigration petition – All Attorney’s costs/ legal fees
  • FREE Visa Screen Certificate Processing
  • Airplane ticket FREE – (one way to the U.S.)
  • Apartment – First-month rent is FREE, paid by the company
  • Apartment Security Deposit/Admin Fees paid for by Company
  • 1 IELTS Exam Fee (for specific, qualified candidates) 
  • 1 NCLEX Exam Fee (for specific, qualified candidates)
  • Annual Salary Increase

Employer benefits vary per employer. The benefits above are all possible benefits that 6 of our employers give. The exact benefits will be disclosed upon interview


  1. Get assistance and discounts through our partners with these requirements:
    1. IELTS Review and test
    2. NCLEX Review and test
    3. NCLEX License Processing

Please take note that only a number of employers offer re-imbursement for your examinations and license processing fees.


To know more about your remaining steps, apply now, and get our full Black Membership Package, which has the complete A-Z guide to securing your future and your family’s future upon securing a contract with our employer!




Once oriented your application will be forwarded to 6 of our trusted U.S. employers. Once an employer is interested in your application you will receive either an email, text message or call from Ms. Tina Mahinay regarding your interview with the employer. Each employer requires different positions, specialties, and experience thus increasing your chances of receiving an offer.  

Given these privileges, are you still one of those Nurses who are holding back to take the chance in fulfilling your US dream? If not, then your UNIfam is willing to help and guide you in achieving your #CareerGoals in the U.S!


To subscribe to our advisory regarding our next USCDP Orientations or our Online USCDP Orientations, please click the photo below:

USCDP membership for nurses


If you already have NCLEX and IELTS, apply with us and get interviewed immediately through Skype upon successful pre-screening. Simply type in the job opportunity you prefer in our job openings page.


apply now button for overseas job openings
Application process starts here


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