IELTS Review: DIY or Work with Review Centers?

July 23, 2020  |  Unistaff

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Are you thinking about the best way to manage your IELTS review? Can you do it yourself? Or are you considering an investment to maximize your study time? Is it worth spending money on working with IELTS review experts? Let’s take a look at some helpful facts to help you make an informed decision.


Providing proof of your language proficiency is an important step in obtaining your target destination’s work visa.

The International English Language Testing System or IELTS is the most widely accredited test for this requirement. It is recognized by countries like the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.


If you’re specifically looking at the US as your future work destination, we’ve previously written about the IELTS and its application to the US Visa. Go ahead and check it out!


The IELTS exam is accepted by immigration authorities. It continues to play an important role as a means to assess the ability of an immigrant to communicate effectively in the English language.

Nurses, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals who aim to obtain an employment visa abroad have to pass the IELTS exam. But passing the IELTS takes a great deal of effort. It’s not as simple as a typical exam. The test format itself is something that you’ll need to learn about and get used to, even before taking the exam. That is if you want to achieve the target score straight after your first take! Otherwise, you might need to take it more than once. The exam is difficult enough as it is, imagine having to sit through it again… and again!





What the Data Dictates



Is there a “best” approach to reviewing for the IELTS, to ensure a high possibility of passing it on the first take?

We have worked with a number of exceptional candidates who have achieved their target scores without seeking any help on their reviews. However, most of them have mastered the English language well ahead of heading into their exams. This is rarely the case for most applicants. The number of successful candidates who have enlisted the help of review experts are much greater.

Frankly, we do not actively track the results of those who studied on their own versus those who worked with a review center.

Although, we had a particular cohort bound for the United Kingdom back when our nurses were required to secure a 7 in all subtests under the UKVI Academic IELTS. With a dataset of 1,000 individuals, 9 out of 10 of our candidates who took the IELTS exam went to a review center prior to their test. Out of the nurses who sought help from a review center, we noted a 33% passing rate. This is more or less the average for Filipino test takers who took the test with the aim at a band score of seven and above.

If we assume that close to 90% seek help on their reviews, based on our data, and only 33% of that number has passed (7 and above overall), then we could come to a conclusion that the test is somewhat difficult based on the 67% failing rate.

Of course, each individual’s ability can be the factor that determines whether they pass or fail. But if we take this group as an example, where roughly 7 out of 10 individuals failed even with professional help, these are the odds you should consider when making a decision about your reviews.


Pros and Cons

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What would be the best strategy or study plan for you? We wish we could have the answer for this one. Each person has a unique way of learning and studying.

So we thought it would be better to illustrate the pros and cons of doing it yourself and working with a review service experts. Consider these carefully and see how each might apply to you.

*Note that online reviews are part of accessing review services


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After reviewing the infographic above, if you feel confident that you can handle preparing for the IELTS on your own, good for you!

If you think that working with review experts is better for you, keep on reading because we have exclusive discounts for you.


How to choose the right IELTS review center?

Choosing a review center can be quite difficult, especially in the Philippines. There are so many companies that claim to support candidates in passing their exams. How can you choose the one that’s best for you? We’ve prepared a simple outline on key factors to help you decide which review center to work with.


location header

Having a review center in your town is vital to ensure that it is going to be much easier for you to study without wasting precious hours commuting to get there.


expenses header

The costs may vary depending on the occasional promos they have. Make sure to check not only the price but also the program components and review delivery methods, before you compare costs between different companies.


quality of coaches header

Reviews can be a reliable source of evaluation. Ask friends who have already undergone reviews through a certain coach. Also, make sure that the coach has already gone through the test himself/herself.


Ability to host online reviews header

In light of recent events, access to online reviews can be an option, in case you prefer having your review completely online.


Our Accredited IELTS Review Center Partners

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We have worked with thousands of nurses and helped them successfully accomplish their dreams of working in the United States. We have developed solid partnerships with accredited IELTS centers to help you prepare for your exam. From the registration, to your review, and even the arrangement of your exam date. They will make sure you don’t miss any required step.

We are dedicated to helping nurses like you to build a thriving career in the US. That’s why we created the United States Candidate Development Program (USCDP).

Thanks to our generous partners, you are entitled to exclusive discounts on review services. All you need to do is become a USCDP Member – and it’s absolutely free to join!


Here is a list of accredited, top-level IETLS review centers that you can choose from:


  • 9.0 Niner Review Center

9.0 Niner USCDP member discount


  • ACE IELTS Review Center and Language Services

Ace Review Center USCDP member discount


  • JRooz IELTS Review Center Inc.

JRooz IELTS Review Center Inc. USCDP member discounts


  • IELTS Advantage –

IELTS Advantage USCDP member discounts


  • ICSEC Kaplan

ICSEC Kaplan USCDP member discounts


These exclusive discounts are already being enjoyed by our USCDP members. Sign up now, attend the USCDP orientation, and become a USCDP member for FREE!





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