Job Details

Nurse - ( 100 )

Nurse - (100)
Date Open:
May 27, 2023
Closing Date:
Jun 30, 2023
Latitude 36, Inc.
Candidates must have at least Bachelor's / College Degree
The job requires both Male and Female applicants.
Minimum of 3 years working experience is required for this position
Applicants must be 21 years old and above.
Additional Qualifications:


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Updated U.S. RN Benefits:

  • Hospital Facility:                To be assigned
  • RN Hourly Pay Rate:         $32 per hour
  • Signing Bonus:                  $1,000 NCLEX Passed – payable upon arrival in U.S.
  • Additional 5,000 Bonus:    $2,500 paid at completion of 15 months and $2,500 paid at completion of contract/30months
  • Bring your Family!             Advanced payment of family flights. Repay in installments after starting U.S. assignment.
  • Premium Processing:       Company pays for premium processing.
  • Immigration:                      FREE FAMILY Immigration processing fee.
  • Shift Pay Differential:        Night/weekends to be determined by site assignment
  • Paid Time Off:                   Up to 160 hours (4 weeks) paid time off accrued per twelve (12) month period to be used for holiday, vacation or                                              sick time. Amount of PTO allowed for vacation may be determined by hospital site assignment.
  • Overtime Rate:                 1.5 times rate of pay for hours worked over 40 within a work week
  • Holiday Rate:                    1.5 times rate of pay for working Holiday shifts.  Holidays determined by site assignment.
  • Apartment:                        One month paid housing when first starting assignment


  • Sponsorship of or One-time reimbursement for completed and obtained NCLEX, IELTS and Visa Screen
  • 1st month housing accommodation, including application and administrative set up fees
    • Housing security deposits paid by employer 
    • Administrative set up fees paid by employer to secure housing
  •  All work authorization and immigration filing and legal fees
  • EB3 (Immigrant Visa Petition)
  • One-way air ticket to the United States to begin employment with company
  • $200 food/grocery provision one-time upon arrival
  • 401K Retirement Plan
  • Contributory Health Insurance Plan    
  • Accrued Paid Time Off
  • Shorter 30 Month Contract (2.5 years) assignment in hospital with a possibility of permanent placement
  • Contract will be given by U.S. Employer to Qualified Nurse Immediately upon evaluation of passing
  • Placements in Top U.S. Hospitals
  • Pre-Paid Airfare with TRAVEL NOW, PAY LATER Program (for all Dependents of Nurse)



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Absolutely No Processing / Placement Fee!

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