WOQOD (Qatar Fuel), The Only Distributor Of Fuel Based Products in Qatar Is Now Hiring For Various Positions!

Mar 09, 2018  |  Unistaff

With WOQOD’s visit to the Philippines this year, they are setting their eyes on obtaining various
proficient engineers, foremen, inspectors, and supervisors to join the fuel giant’s ever-expanding

On December 2017, WOQOD officially announced that they are on track in completing their target
of expansion. Their vision is to put up 122 fuel stations by 2022 as said on a published piece by
Qatar Tribune. Even with the economic blockade Qatar was said to have faced on the previous year, WOQOD showed no fear and announced that they will be pushing

Fast-forward to 2018, on the first of March - just a week ago, Mubasher, a well-known business
website, announced in an article that WOQOD’s profits increased by 202% and has tripled their sales in the
last quarter compared to Q4 of 2016. WOQOD’s annual profit increased by 9.2%, which
translates to QAR 964 up from last year’s profit which was QAR 883 million, and with profit,
comes opportunities for further expansion.

With the company valuing individual career development, they maintain a high retention rate of
employees. They also have top-class employee care and benefits. With all these in place for our
Filipino professionals, this is an opportunity anyone qualified would regret not taking.
If you fit the qualifications requested by the employer, then now is the time to grab the

To apply, simply press this link, type in the position you would like to apply for, and complete
your application!

Note: Please fill out the application form accordingly because this will act as your CV.

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