Good News! Nurses can take Pearson PTE to work in the US

October 10, 2022  |  Unistaff Content Team

Universal Staffing Nurses can take Pearson PTE to work in the US
Nurses can take Pearson Test of English (PTE) to work in the US


Earlier this year, it has been confirmed that the Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic can now be taken by nurses and healthcare professionals who aim to work in the US.

Passing the required English proficiency test is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to applying for work in the US. Federal law mandates nurses to demonstrate oral and written competency of the English language. 

Many aspiring USRNs have struggled with passing the IELTS. But now they have an alternative path to overcoming this hurdle.

Taking the PTE Academic opens up a new testing option to help nurses advance their careers in the US. 

Nurses taking the PTE Academic can feel confident that this test is recognized by organizations most concerned with immigration related processes.

The Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA), an agency of the US Department of Health and Human Services, and the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) which conducts the Visa Screen, now include PTE Academic to their respective lists of authorized English Language testing services for international health care workers. Furthermore, PTE can now be used by U.S state Boards of Nursing that recognize the test for licensure purposes.

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5 Advantages of taking the PTE Academic

1. Less stress 

Overall, the PTE Academic offers a better test experience with its two-hour computer-based exam, friendly test environment, and straightforward booking. It has been reviewed and improved. That’s why it can be completed in just two hours, instead of three. It tests the same English skills and question types, but simply with fewer questions.

2. Convenient 

It is also helpful that test takers don’t have to worry about scheduling. They can book last-minute if needed, thanks to frequent test dates available. 

3. Complete preparation

Test takers can also build confidence for their test day through a mix of paid preparation packages, scored practice tests, and free resources from the Pearson website

4. Fast results

Results come in fast. Most test takers get theirs within 48 hours.

5. Personalized feedback

Test takers receive personalized feedback on their performance. They get advice on how to improve their English skills through the PTE Academic Score Report and Skills Profile.

5 Advantages of Taking the PTE Academic
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How PTE scores align with IELTS scores

Rest assured that like other language test providers, the PTE team undertakes periodic reviews of its score alignment with other tests. These reviews are helpful for the organizations that set English proficiency requirements and allow them to understand how different test scores relate to each other. 

While the latest Concordance Report published in December 2020 shows that the scores alignment has shifted slightly, this does not mean that Pearson will change scores every year. These research projects are undertaken over several years and are not a practice that will be done annually.

2020 PTE and IELTS Concordance
Source: 2020 PTE and IELTS Concordance Report

For test takers, there is no change to PTE Academic scores or how the test is marked. All test results remain valid. Should score requirements be updated, it can be expected to happen over a period of months and years. And appropriate notices would also be given so that everyone is aware and can prepare.

Exclusive benefits offered by Universal Staffing

10% PTE booking for Universal Staffing
Get 10% off PTE Bookings with Unistaff


To continue supporting nurses in their goals of building their dream career in the US, Universal Staffing has become a recognized partner of Pearson PTE. This means that nurses who apply with Unistaff will receive a 10% discount code which they can use to book their PTE Academic test and review. 

To access this exclusive benefit, you may send us an email at so that we can match you with one of our US employers. While in the application process, we will share with you the 10% discount code for booking the PTE. 

Alternatively, you may register here to join the United States Candidate Development Program (USCDP). This dedicated group is designed especially for nurses. Join the next online orientation where you can gain a better understanding of the US application process. More importantly, you get to learn about all the support available to you, including license processing partners and review center partners. Pearson PTE is committed to helping you succeed and the 10% discount code offered can hopefully give you a boost.

United States Candidate Development Program
United States Candidate Development Program (USCDP)

Upon registration, you will get an email from the Universal Staffing US Team containing the official invite to the next orientation to be held online. 

Take one step closer to your dream career in the US

Gain valuable insights about the US application process and make informed decisions about what you need to do. Click on the image below and become a member of the USCDP today!

USCDP Register to become a member
Kickstart your US career with USCDP




Updated List of Tests and Scores for Foreign Health Care Workers (as of May 24, 2022)

2020 PTE & IELTS Concordance Report

Pearson PTE: Preparation

Pearson PTE: Improved

Nurses can now take PTE to work in the United States

Visa Screen: CGFNS International

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