6 Easy Steps to Submit Your Online CV to Unistaff

July 07, 2020  |  Unistaff

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Job openings are accepting online applications now. You can stay safe, stay home and still apply. No need to drop off your CVs in our office!

To guide you through the process, here are the simple steps to submitting your complete CV online. Prepare all the details required and you’re on your way to qualifying for the job you’re targeting.


Traditionally, applications for international job openings available through Universal Staffing Services, Inc. (UNISTAFF) were submitted by applicants in person. They visit our office in Makati City and drop off their CVs. This means applicants have had to spend on money for commuting, buying food and drinks for the day, and of course, use a lot of time to travel, often sitting in horrible traffic conditions.




We value your time. And we recognize that you might have far more important tasks in your day. We don’t want to waste any of it stuck in traffic! To make our process more efficient, we highly encourage you to use our online application portals. Let’s make the Internet work for us! Job seekers like you are actively utilizing the Internet and Social Media to learn about job opportunities. With our online application, you can quickly learn more and make a submission, anytime, anywhere. Our online job portals have helped thousands of applicants in over three years since it went live. We’ve streamlined the application process and for certain job positions, even the interview and job offer from prospective employers could be done online, too!

Our goal is to gather all necessary information from you, so that our recruitment team can pre-screen your application as soon as it’s complete and submitted to our database. Your online application will serve as your digital CV, which you can edit and update as you see fit. You will be able to include details that are relevant to the position you’re applying for. And you will have the freedom to input significant changes that you think might be relevant.


Remember to carefully read each job posting. It’s important to review all the information to help you decide if the job is a good fit for you.


What are the online application portals I could use to apply?

Before you begin your online application, let’s take a look at the online application portals you may use and their unique advantages:

Infographic steps on creating your online account in Unistaff


For now, let’s focus on the application process for our website’s online portals which are items 1 and 2 on the infographic above.

In the future, we’ll share a separate walkthrough for our Workabroad online application portal.


You don’t want to miss that important update, right? Subscribe now and you’ll get notified as soon as it’s ready!

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How do I complete my online job application form?


When it comes to applying on our website you have 2 options:


1. Apply Now

Check out this simple walkthrough video to see how you could successfully apply online via Apply Now:

Take note that using this method will not link you to any present job openings but will effectively add you into our database. To be sure you are lined up for pre-screening, apply via Job Openings. See instructions below.


2. Apply via Job Openings

Check out this simple walkthrough video to see how you could successfully apply online via the Job Openings page:

As promised, we’ll break the application process down to 6 easy steps. Before you know it, you’ve submitted your CV!


But before you even go into our website’s application portals, make sure you have all your documents on hand. The completeness of your application is vital to increase your chances of qualifying. Uploading your documents and completing all parts of the form assures our recruitment team and your potential employer that your online application is valid.


The online application system is divided into 6 sections. All you need to do is fill them out, step by step:

Step 1: Logging in and completing personal information


Step 2: Education


Step 3: Employment Information


Step 4: Skills & Strengths


Step 5: Licenses & Certifications


Step 6: References


We’ve also included these additional features to help you make the most of your online application:


Start applying today!

Maybe you’re targeting a specific type of job, or you’re open to opportunities that might not be available yet – start gathering all your documents. You know what the online application portal looks like. You can prepare all the information and start filling out your online application. The sooner you begin, the closer you’ll get to your dream job. Now is the perfect time to apply!

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Apply now via the “Job Openings” portal!

Job openings CTA


Apply now through our Workabroad Profile!

Apply in Workabroad CTA


If you already have an account, simply go to Applicant’s Login.

Log in CTA


If you have any feedback or inquiries, you can contact us at 8833-6869. You could also send us an email at inquiries@unistaff.us.

If you wish to send your CV via email, you may send your applications to recruitment@unistaff.us.

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