Glenn Gregorio - Lowell General Hospital (USA) #TellYourStory

Jul 06, 2018  |  Unistaff

What better way to celebrate the efforts and achievements of other people than to tell their story for the world to see and hear?


We encourage everyone to #TellYourStory, to be proud, and to be a ray of hope for aspiring professionals.


Mr. Glenn Gregorio is a charismatic person who lights up the room whenever he drops by our office for a visit. Our staff loves him dearly and it is not hard to imagine why.


More than 10 years ago, Glenn, a healthcare professional working in a local hospital decided that it was best for him and his family to take the chance at an employment opportunity in the USA. We helped Mr. Gregorio find a hospital that would hone his skills and at the same time utilize his knowledge to the fullest. He passed the interview with flying colors and was selected as one of the two international employees recruited by a prestigious hospital based in the USA.


“And without the Universal Staffing Services Inc. agency, I would not have been able to accomplish the numerous unparalleled experiences life had to offer.”


2018 marks 13 fruitful years of working as a Radiologic Technologist and also as a Clinical Instructor in his hospital. Also, he was given the spectacular Spotlight Award just recently! However, his most proud achievement is the States’ granting of green cards to his family just two years ago.



“These were only some of the achievements the Unistaff agency have provided my family and myself. We are invariably grateful for the opportunities we couldn't have dreamt or even imagined if it was not for the personnel in Universal Staffing Services.”


We could say the same for you, Mr. Gregorio!


Aside from being a perfect example of a Filipino Professional, the dedication and the love you show for your work and family is what keeps us inspired to give opportunities to people who show the same determination in advancing in their respective careers abroad.


Thank you, sir! We hope you and your family are doing well.


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Contents of this article were derived from Mr. Gregorio's testimonial submitted to our Unistaff team.

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