WOQOD (Qatar Fuel), The Sole Distributor Of Fuel in Qatar, Is Back and Is Now Hiring for Various Positions! Scheduled Interview Dates: July 12-14, 2018

Jun 06, 2018  |  Unistaff


After WOQOD’s successful recruitment campaign earlier this year. They will be returning once more to the Philippines, bringing new opportunities for Gas Pump Attendants, Cashiers, and On-Site Supervisors.


Mubasher has stated in their article on June 13, 2018 that Qatar Fuel (WOQOD) will be installing more than 158 fuel dispensers at its stations over the course of 2018, as revealed by Saad Rashid Al Muhannadi, the company’s CEO. “The step comes in line with the company’s strategy to reduce queues at fuel stations,” the CEO also noted at a recent event.


WOQOD will also install more dispensers in 2019 and 2020, the top official revealed, adding that his company would carry out a phased plan to double the efficiency of its new petrol stations.


The Qatari fuel company expects a 10% jump in average yearly jet fuel sales.


This upward movement encourages another recruitment campaign by Qatar’s Fuel Giant in a single year ultimately sending all of us a clear image of the stability, security, and growth Filipino professionals will find within this company.


With regards to the feedback we have received in the past several years from employees we have aided in deployment. WOQOD, as a company values individual career development, top-class employee care, and benefits. All this ensuring a relatively high retention rate for its employees. What more could you ask for as a professional? If you fit the qualifications requested by the employer, then now is the time to #GrabTheOpportUNIty!


To apply, simply press this link, type in the word WOQOD, and complete your application!


Note: Please fill out the application form accordingly because this will act as your online CV.

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