Limited Slots Left for 2014 Philippine RN Graduates to be Accepted in US Employer's Online Orientation and Program

Mar 15, 2018  |  Unistaff


Many have been fully oriented about the program our US Employer is giving to our Filipino RN graduates. And once the nurses are oriented, they could be scheduled for interview already. If they are qualified, they will be on board the strategic program that will eventually get them working in the US in no time.


As one of the largest US Healthcare Companies, our employer also offers the absolute best opportunities to our evergrowing list of willing and dedicated candidates in pursuit of a career in a new workplace/environment that which will excite and challenge them.


Aside from a comprehensive online orientation, the program includes the following:

  • Financial assistance for tests like IELTS and NCLEX
  • Intensive review program
  • Online and actual seminars
  • Consultation, counseling, advisories and regular updates
  • Free filing of Immigration Petition
  • Free Visa Screen processing
  • Free Airfare to the US.


We are very lucky to be a part of something this big, which could impact the lives of tens of thousands of nurses and their families. This supports Unistaff’s main advocacy of helping Filipino professionals acquire additional skills for their self-development and ultimately improve their lives.


The current priority date is January 2017!!! The pace to U.S. employment is moving at its fastest and our nurses are looking at a very short waiting time.


For RNs who graduated in the years 2014 - 2018, with or without hospital experience, there is no other thing to do but to APPLY NOW and to grab this opportunity while it lasts!


Apply with us by sending your complete CV to or by applying through our online job opening link.


For those who graduated in the year 2013 and below, do not worry because a different program tailor-made for you will be provided! Simply apply through or apply through our online job opening link.

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