Projected Nursing Shortage in the USA - A Timely Opportunity for Our Filipino Nursing Professionals

Dec 05, 2018  |  Unistaff

Universal Staffing's numerous U.S. employers are now aggressively signing and offering employment to Filipino nurses to combat this acute shortage.


How bad really is it? Can this matter greatly affect our local healthcare employment?


The American Nurses Association released statistical calculations which proclaim that the United States will need to produce 1.1 million new registered nurses by 2022. There will be more nurses needed than any other profession, at more than 100,000 per year, with more than 500,000 seasoned registered nurses anticipated to retire by 2022. These factors, combined with an anticipated strengthening of the U.S. economy will create a renewed critical shortage for nurses. Surely, the United States’ gap between their demand for healthcare and their declining labor force has been rapidly widening. Hence, Filipino Nurses and other foreign nationals will be allocated to supplement the said gap.

According to the American Nurses Association President Pamela F. Cipriano, “Demand for care is going to grow and nurses are going to retire in droves, so we have to prepare now to meet future needs,”


What is CAN we do in the midst of all this?


More than 20,000 Filipino professionals who have been placed abroad by us know that Universal Staffing Services Inc. has operated for the past two decades with the aim of delivering excellence and expertise in producing talented professionals to support the individual’s next great career opportunity, especially in the healthcare industry. Unistaff’s advocacy is to provide quality service through ethical recruitment processes with its clients and its applicants. Hence, we have easily become one of the top recruitment agencies in the Philippines.


What is our role?


Universal Staffing Services considers the deficit of registered nurses in the labor force of the United States as an opportunity to help well experienced and talented professionals in the Philippines to manifest their ideal career. According to Philippine Daily Inquirer, more than 300,000 Filipino nurses remain unemployed, and around 250,000 are underemployed or misemployed. However, the growing demand for healthcare services of foreign countries like the U.S.A. will help alleviate the low local employment rate our registered nurses and not to mention, it will better supplement their daily needs.


What do we have for you?


We have a range of credible and reputable U.S. Employers who can offer Filipino Registered Nurses job placements for different States. This is perfect for candidates who want to pursue their careers abroad.

Your potential employers give a wide variety of benefits including but not limited to: $2,500 sign on bonus, Free Filing of Visa Screen Application, Free Review Program for NCLEX and IELTS Reviews Exams; Free filing of Licensure Endorsement Application.

We give nurses access to these benefits through our U.S. Candidate Development Program (USCDP), a membership program that Unistaff has carefully designed through working with nurses and U.S. Nursing Alumni over time. We are proud to say that we can facilitate your U.S. Nursing processes unlike any other with the best consultation service and the most updated source of nursing process information such Review Center partners, discounts, local hospital hirings, and so much more to ultimately help you fast-track your application, changing the arena for U.S. nursing employment.


What is the first step to attain your ideal #careergoal?


Unistaff urges you to welcome this huge opportunity of realizing your ideal career by obtaining your membership now and by being a part of this movement with us.

Become our prominent partner and member by attending our upcoming US RN Live Orientation for U.S.A. placement this JANUARY 26, 2019 IN CEBU, where you will obtain everything you need to know to be well equipped before taking that chance. Hurry and book now! Limited seats are available.

Attendees will automatically be part of the program as members. Our U.S. employers will then have access to screen, evaluate and eventually interview our valued members. All nursing qualifications from NCLEX / IELTS non-passers and newly grads are welcome to attend and become members. Your potential U.S. employers have a wide set of criteria for interviewing and hiring, so we suggest you #GrabTheOpportUNIty now and be a member!


For more information about the Live Orientation, please check out our Facebook posting:



For updates regarding our next Live Orientations, please like our Facebook page We will announce the schedules soon.


For reservations for the January 26, 2019 Live Orientation in CEBU, please email your CVs to


Venue: Raja Park Hotel, Corporate 1 - 7th floor, Cebu

Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm


For potential members currently out of the country, do not worry! We can also facilitate your application and membership online and eventually course you through a skype interview. Kindly apply through this link :


We hope to see you all soon!


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