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Mar 10, 2018  |  Unistaff

“The starting point of all achievement is desire”

- Napoleon Hill


Universal Staffing Services Inc. went on a routine visit to Qatar last year to meet with old and new friends. But this time, we took a step further from home and a step closer to our kababayans to hear them out. 


It’s been years since we saw our friends from Qatar Fuel (WOQOD), so we planned to meet up and chat for a while. But after an hour, we felt like a talk over a cup of coffee was not enough to truly know how they have been. After our little get together in the mall, our friends gladly took us on a tour of a day in their lives, which involved Starbucks, driving around Doha, basketball, volleyball, steak buffet, kwentuhan and unli-tawanan. This is where we got to know more about the life of a young professional living in Doha as Denmark, a Site In Charge for WOQOD, shared his story.


“Life was not this easy before, and I will always be thankful”


Denmark, a son of a farmer, grew up in a humble home in Batangas. He told us he used to walk for hours just to attend his primary school with 3 pesos in his pocket for food allowance. He and his brother Belgium used to get by with just enough so that they could have an education. After graduating high-school, his family could not manage to put him through college, so at a young age, he picked himself up and he worked to hopefully save some money. He worked as a helper at his relatives’ wet market in Bicol for a time until he had enough to apply for colleges. Eventually, because of the determination he showed during this time, he was blessed with a scholarship while being a working student. Early on, he knew that education was a vital key to success, so he did everything to finish his studies.


College was significant for Denmark because this was where he met the love of his life. With the way he explained this stage of his life to us, it was probably at this point where he found the drive and desire to excel more than what anyone would have expected from him. From then on, he had one goal in life, and it was to be successful so that he could save up and marry the girl of his dreams.


The first few months of working in the Philippines as a bagger in Duty Free got him through his day-to-day needs. However, he did not see himself staying here for long because of the hassles of transportation, traffic and unnecessary expenses. On top of those, his girlfriend already left for Dubai to work. Conflicted, he contemplated on what to do next and if he was ready to take the next steps for his career or if he still needed to grow in the Philippines. It took him a while to finally decide that he was ready to go abroad.


In his search for greater opportunities, he decided to apply for jobs abroad relentlessly. Luckily, his girlfriend supported his aspirations and helped him find job openings. She suggested our office since we were the ones who deployed her too. Denmark found an opening for gas pump attendants and cashiers for Qatar Fuel (WOQOD) with Unistaff and did not let a moment pass in applying. He did not fit the qualifications, but he was determined to grab the opportunity in front of him, so he still went for an interview for cashiers, which eventually got him an offer of employment. He told us that everyone around him was apprehensive at first about him going to Qatar because they did not know much about the country. Even his girlfriend who initially supported him in leaving the country was reluctant about him going to Qatar. But Denmark was steadfast in his dreams of going abroad to progress as a professional, so he still took the job and flew to Qatar.


When he arrived, he said that it was better than he expected. The rules were easy to follow and the living conditions, environment and everything about Qatar was manageable. It was a breeze to adapt. He kept contrasting the life he would have had here in the Philippines if he did not take the chance. “It would have been so much more difficult to save money in the Philippines. In Qatar, the transportation’s readily there for you in going to work and in going back home, the food is free and already prepared, accommodation is also free so you no longer have to worry about rent and electricity among other things.”


Two years after arriving in Qatar, his goal of being the husband of his then girlfriend, and now wife was realized.


Fast-forward to today after 7 years putting in work abroad, with the support of his family and friends, he is now a Site In Charge for WOQOD and father to his child. He also has his wife and his brother with him in Qatar already. Even with these achievements, he is still driven to excel so that he could support his family. He told us that he never expected to be where he is now. Although, we at Unistaff know that it was through his hard work, persistence and desire that got him there.


“Ayaw ko lang maranasan ng anak ko yung mga hirap na pinagdaanan ko dati.” Even if Denmark knows he and his wife would miss the first few years of their child growing up since they are mostly abroad, they know they are working for the family’s future.


Denmark’s advice to those starting out professionally or to those thinking of leaving the country is to focus on your long-term goal and to set a timeframe for it. When there is no road to achieve that goal, you should build one. As long as you think it is attainable, then you will eventually figure out a way to get there. The last advice he gave is to never step on people along the way, because everyone has their own dreams too. So instead of hindering others, you should help them so you could progress collectively.


We will surely keep these in mind, Denmark! We are proud of you, and we are also proud of all our guys in WOQOD!


Take care always!


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