The American Dream Realized Through Unistaff [TESTIMONIAL]

Nov 08, 2019  |  Unistaff

Universal Staffing Services Inc. has been in the Overseas Manpower Placement and Workforce Solutions industry for 21 years, which is also how long we have been working with a variety of U.S. employers.


Over those years, we’ve deployed close to 30,000 professionals - a feat that we could have never done if it was not for our driven professionals.


Deservingly, we dedicate this page to our beloved friends who are now enjoying the American Dream. As news is spreading that the USA is now more open to take in healthcare professionals with visas becoming current, we hope these stories inspire other to take the leap of faith and realize what they always believed they would achieve in their respective careers.


Everything starts with an idea. The rest is yours to take when the opportunity arises.


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1.) Ian Sumagaysay


"Right now, I am living my dream working in a 5-star facility in the State of Minnesota and at the same time, doing a part-time job as a Medical-Surgical nurse in one of the biggest health systems in the US. I am enjoying everything to bits!!!!!"


"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."- Lao Tzu


"Every success story has a journey to share. A journey worthy of emulation. A journey that would inspire each of us to strive more because we know in our heart, we are always capable in achieving greater heights and wider horizons. 


I am Ian, a Medical-Surgical nurse for roughly 7 years in the Philippines.


When I thought I was contented with my life and whatever I had, I started to dream bigger for myself and my family - that was the beginning of my American Dream. Back in September 2017 when I realized what I wanted in life. After almost 8 years since I graduated from college, it occurred to me that I wanted to live and work in the United States. But how? How do I start my application? Who do I need to speak with for guidance? Where do I get the list of requirements to accomplish? I had so much questions in mind and just like what everyone usually feels, it was kind of overwhelming for me.


After so many times spent looking for the right people and the right agency, it was then that I met Miss Mary Smith from Universal Staffing. Everything happened in like a snap, had my initial interview with her and the following week after our meeting, I had numerous interviews with facilities in the US until I have finally chosen the perfect placement for me in the same week.


The facility started my petition right away and got approved sometime in June 2018. At the same time that my petition was lobbied, I did my VisaScreen and have finished it just in time with my petition approval. Everything went smooth as Universal Staffing has assisted me with all the details that I would need to know about - the communication was very clear, Miss Tina was very helpful, and all the exchange of emails were prompt and on point. I wouldn’t have it any other way If I were to do the same process again.


My application from beginning up until my departure to US ran for about a year and 8 months. It was so quick, smooth, and easy. Why? BECAUSE I WAS WITH THE RIGHT GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE THE CAPACITY TO HELP TRANSLATE MY DREAMS INTO REALITY.


Right now, I am living my dream working in a 5-star facility in the State of Minnesota and at the same time, doing a part-time job as a Medical-Surgical nurse in one of the biggest health systems in the US. I am enjoying everything to bits!!!!!


With all that I have been through, my takeaways that I really want to share to all of you are the following:

•Know what you want and work for it!

•Choose the right people, the right agency who can help you realize your potentials, give you clear direction, and support you from beginning to end. My heartfelt gratitude to Universal Staffing!

•Equip yourself with the right ingredients that you need (Clinical Experience, NCLEX, IELTS, VisaScreen) and lastly;

•NEVER GIVE UP! As goal digger as I am, I made it happen, me and Universal Staffing made my American Dream happen! It was not easy but it was all worth it! See you in the US!!!"


-Ian John Sumagaysay, RN, MAN


2.) Cristy Bendita


"Keep going! Only few get to travel this road because it takes a lot of courage to do so but believe me, its ALL worth it! Choose the right people to guide you in your American Dream, like what I did." - Ms. Cristy Bendita


“I have been working as a nurse for more than 10 years combined, in Philippines and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. My hunger for knowledge and improvement of skills gave me the opportunity to assume various roles in my profession. I started as a nurse in medical and surgical ward to endoscopy then to labor and delivery and cath lab.


It was Ms. Mary Smith of Professional Placement Services, international recruitment specialist who guided me the baby steps to my American Dream. She then introduced, Universal Staffing to further assist me with the process. I was glad that I did not make the wrong choice for that. The staff were competent and updates were given on timely manner which works very well because it made me felt safe  and that everything is going well and that I'm on the right track. I've got assistance both locally and abroad, questions were addressed right away.”


Now she is in the U.S., and she gives us a glimpse of her life right now.


“I was provided with adequate training before I started working, orientation was given accordingly. I easily adjusted to place and have made friends both at work and outside. I'd say that it partly because, as a Filipino, it is innate to be very flexible. My current state of life right now is exactly what I plan it to be. Happy and contented, yes of course! I have been here nearly 4 months. I have bills to pay, yes! But I'm able to make ends meet and more. I can travel any place in the US, buy things that I like without hesitation and drive everywhere I go, if need be. My family is overwhelmed and happy about everything that I have right now.”


Ms. Cristy even has some words of advice for our futue USRN’s!


"Keep going! Only few get to travel this road because it takes a lot of courage to do so but believe me, its ALL worth it! Choose the right people to guide you in your American Dream, like what I did."


3.) Jarvis Joward Jaco


“Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are children of your soul the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.” – Napoleon Hill


“I remember Ma'am I applied in my 3rd/4th year at your office (Universal) for an opening in Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar together with my friends. I think, unfortunately, I did not pass the first try and had to go another interview by the end of that year and was left behind as my friends were being deployed one by one. I got an offer in Al Khor later in the year and as I run through completing my requirements I noticed that universal is also catering to those wishing to apply in the US. Out of curiosity, i sent an email, browse thru their website and facebook page and who would've known that it was the best decision I made in my life. At yun ma'am tinawagan moko after a week to meet in your office haha!”


His journey then began.


“The first 3 months was difficult, sabi nga nila it's supposed to be that way at the start because you're adjusting but because of you guys and the US employer, everything ran perfectly, from the required trainings prior and after deployment up to the house/hotel where we'll stay. We were integrated to the community which is great and were assisted all throughout, up to now they still have the time to visit us every once in a while just to check on us and we really appreciate it. Work is fine, I am satisfied with the facility that I am working right now. I heard that they are trying to recruit us for the long haul and I can't wait to hear what they might have to say after my current contract ends.”


Being an OFW defined his career, life and passion.


“For me, as of the moment, I think I found contentment. We were able to provide for our families at the same time we're building one. As a nurse I feel complete, having to take care different kinds of people, touch their lives and watching them recover and healed from a far, that's my fulfilment and if God willing maybe we can pursue advance practice in the future. Ang sarap maging nurse dito kase well appreciated ka na ng pasyente, humane working conditions and well compensated ka pa, I have nothing to complain.”




The assistance we give does not stop right after deployment. We know that there will be a lot of adjustments our Filipino professionals are going to face once they start living in a new community.


Continuous communication with the employers, ensuring that our OFW are comfortable on their workplace and most importantly seeing to it that they are safe and happy are without question the top priorities we have. The journey of these professionals give courage, inspiration and freedom to others to start living out their own dreams.


Sometimes losing a chance is a wonderful blessing for a better opportunity, and sometimes hardships are avenues to see where the real path in one’s life is. At the end of the day, every road one takes will eventually lead him to a destination that is different from the past. We know not if it is progress, but what is important is that there is movement. And when one does his/her best and live out their dreams, one can inspire others without even knowing it, ultimately becoming living examples of what some people think were impossible.


Just like these professionals, you can always create the life you want to live. You can live the life you’ve always dreamed of. We at Unistaff are going to make it happen for you!


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