Aspire Katara Hospitality Recruitment Campaign to Support Staffing of New Restaurant

Jan 17, 2018  |  Unistaff


A new project with world-class concepts that exude aesthetics in its overall ambiance would equally need world-class professionals to support its esteemed signature Aspire Katara service.


The recent recruitment campaign of Universal Staffing Services Inc. for Aspire Katara Hospitality (AKH), One of Qatar’s leading companies in the hospitality & leisure sector, has turned fruitful for both companies and hospitality professionals who came in for interview at our main building in Makati. Fortunately, a substantial amount of Filipino professionals were selected to be a part of the service and kitchen crew of the new venture of AKH famously known as the “Marine Restaurant”.


The Marine Restaurant will be located near the world-renowned cultural village, boasting gorgeous bungalows and amazing restaurants which have breathtaking views overlooking the Pearl Island and the Persian Gulf. A beautiful scenery, luxurious cottages, in addition to the fine reputation of the management and employees of AKH will definitely be a recipe for an exceptional dining experience for their customers.


Aspire Katara hospitality is definitely a company where any individual could invest improving their skills in for they are well known not just for introducing multi-award winning and awe-inspiring concepts. To add to this, the company provides consultancy services for concept design, concept enhancement and management operations for an extensive host of other hospitality companies within Qatar as well.


There are boundless opportunities with AHK due to their innovative spirit, specialization in the hospitality industry, and their clear vision of the future. 


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