Professional Placement Services Incorporated (PPS) - In Search for Filipino Nurses and Allied Medical Professionals for US Placement

Feb 20, 2018  |  Unistaff


The unceasing recruitment campaign of Professional Placement Services or more famously known as PPS has been focused on offering the most exemplary healthcare professionals placement across the United States of America.


PPS is a well-respected Healthcare Recruitment Corporation located in North Carolina, offering numerous career opportunities in Acute Care and General Hospitals, Skilled Nursing and Long-Term Care facilities for numerous clients located in more than 20 states.


For the last 12 years, the strategic alliance of PPS and Universal Staffing Services Inc. has lent a hand to hundreds of PTs, OTs, RNs and various allied medical professionals continuously achieving their career goals abroad. PPS’s upper management has had over 40 years of work experience in the Philippines and knowledge of the multiple distinct provincial characteristics, which in turn lends a unique advantage to the processing, recruitment, and placement of Filipino Healthcare Professionals throughout the USA.


If you have ever dreamed of working in the United States of America, now is the perfect time to send your application! The chance to be aided by companies who have garnered decades of professional experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity!


Apply now! Simply press this link, and type in Professional Placement Services on the “keyword” search bar.


Note: you will be contacted if your application has met the requirements of the employer. If you are not contacted, there is no need to worry because your account will still be active on our website, and we will contact you once there are opportunities in the future! We also have a new notification feature that updates you about your favorite employer the moment they are hiring!




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