6 Reasons Why USA is the Ultimate Destination for Nurses

December 08, 2020  |  Unistaff

6 benefits of becoming a nurse in the USA

Professionally active nurses are important players in an increasingly competitive, global labor market. Thousands of nurses migrate each year in search of better pay and working conditions. More and more nurses want career mobility, professional development and a better quality of life.


While the Middle East, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, New Zealand and Australia may offer promising work benefits, when evaluating the entire employment package, the United States of America still offers the best. In this article, we’ll let you in on the reasons why.

Access to good health care is the most basic yet most valuable human need. This has been emphasized as the global struggle against the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Many countries are overwhelmed. And they have had to reinforce their existing healthcare systems by hiring new talents from around the world. 

With an abundance of prospective work destinations to choose from, healthcare workers, especially nurses, have a hard time choosing where they would want to go next.


Growing Number of Nurses Transitioning Careers from the Middle East

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At Universal Staffing (UNISTAFF), we have been hosting weekly online orientations for aspiring US nurses for over a year.  And we have consistently noticed that many nurses who attend these orientations are based in the Middle East. It’s not a simple coincidence and we wanted to understand why. So we asked the nurses themselves. Their answers revealed that they are seeking specific benefits which they can attain by working in the US. 

Keep in mind that many nurses continue to build their long-term careers in the Middle East. The opportunities for career growth and the prestige of working in the region’s highly advanced facilities are hard to match elsewhere in the world. But it’s easy to see why a growing number of nurses still aspire to develop their careers in the USA when you see the reasons listed below.  


6 Reasons Why the USA is the Ultimate Destination for Nurses

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1. Progressive Career Development

Nursing careers in the US offer exceptional job security. There is plenty of room for advancement with a wide variety of career paths to pursue. USA employers offer nurses contracts for up to 30 months or 2.5 years assignment in a hospital with the possibility of permanent placement. After which, they are not mandated to go back to their country of origin. And they are generally free to look for employment and to continue building their life and career in the USA. 



2. Excellent Salary

The USA is fondly called the “Land of Milk and Honey” for its abundance in resources. For registered nurses, that means they are highly valued and very much in-demand. They earn a median annual wage of US$73,300 as of May 2019 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This makes the USA one of the highest paying countries in the world for nurses and job projections are extremely strong.


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3. Permanent Residency Visa (The Green Card)

In the USA, the green card or the permanent residency visa applied for by the employer enables a nurse to remain in the country indefinitely. Not only that, once an EB-3 (green card) visa is approved, the nurse’s family members, including the spouse and children below the age of 21, can also go to the USA. The spouse is not required to work in the field of nursing. He or she could find employment when they arrive. In other countries, migrant workers need to reach a certain salary bracket or position in order to be granted benefits similar to this.


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4. High Standard of Living

Nurses in the USA have access to excellent public services and a high standard of living. Most employers are generous and they help the nurse cover the cost of housing accommodation for the first month. They will also pay for the housing security deposit. Some of the USA employers we work with include cash gifts in the benefit package. This ensures nurses are well-taken care of when they arrive.


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5. 401(k) Retirement Plan

Nurses who work in the USA are entitled to a comprehensive 401(k)savings plan. This helps them to save cash and earn interest during their working years. Which means that they will have money for their retirement. Best of all, these savings are exempt from tax.


Diversity and inclusion

6. Diversity and Inclusion

Working in the USA means that nurses deal with people from different walks of life. Employers focus on diversity and inclusion in the workplace which helps to ensure that all workers, regardless of background, culture, gender or religion are fairly and respectfully treated. This creates a sense of comfort and security for nurses, helping them to focus on administering quality care to their patients.


“I am a nurse who is currently working in the Middle East, can I still process my US application with Universal Staffing?” 

Absolutely, yes!



If you’re a nurse who has successfully signed a contract with one of our US employers, you can still continue working in the Middle East while your US visa is being processed. The same applies to nurses to all nurses currently employed across the globe! 

Wherever you might be located, if you are planning to continue your professional career in the US, you can still submit your applications with Universal Staffing. And we can process your application while you continue with your current contract. 

In fact, nurses who acquire professional experience in the Middle East have a greater chance to secure an offer from a US employer. This is due to the larger number of Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals nurses that can work in the region. Additionally, the Middle East has among the best equipment and technology available, making it one of the best places to get trained and gain experience from.

You can become one of these nurses - already enjoying the benefits being a USRN!

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Your next nursing job could be in the USA! Learn more about the opportunities that await you by joining the United States Candidate Development Program. Take the first step towards your American dream today!

Discover more USRN Success Stories, and follow your American dream. You just might be the next to #TellYourStory!

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